Neueste geschichtete Kurzhaarschnitte von 2019 für runde Gesichter

Many ladies that love changing hairstyle should also take a look at our lists of appealing and simple hairstyles that will be exceptional in this season. For those of you with round faces, check out our collections of the latest layered haircuts for people with round faces. Don’t be afraid to make your hair creative because we will cover you up. The most vital thing you should know before choosing a haircut is, whether it’ll fit your round face and the type of your hair. We have some awesome 2019 Layered Short Haircuts for Round Facesideas that can give you an exceptional look. Let’s check it out.

2. Asymmetrische geschichtete kurze Frisur

3. Niedlicher Haarschnitt für runde Gesichter

4. Classy Short Haircut

5. Feines Haar geschichtete kurze Frisur


7. Kurzes Haar

8.Gewinkelte Frisur

9. Schicht Frisur

10.Beschichtetes Bob Cut


12.Chic Blondes Haar

13.Kurzer Pixie-Schnitt

14. Nettes Pixie Hair

15. Unordentliche Frisur

16.Kurzhaar mit Pony


18. Täglicher Stil

19.geschichtetes Bob-Haar

20.Chic Bob

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